Show Casing Our Long-Term Employee Success Stories

Monthly Head Count Calculations

In 2018, on average, Yingwati consistently achieved greater than 40% Local and Non-Local Aboriginal engagement on every project completed.

For three consecutive months Yingwati achieved an actual headcount of >50%.

Combined Aboriginal & Non-Aboriginal head count (Orange= Aboriginal Head Count)

July 2018


August 2018

> 40%

September 2018

> 50%

October 2018

> 50%

November 2018

> 50%

New Recruits


Wilton Huddleston


Aboriginal employee Wilton (affectionately known as Willie) Huddleston born and bred in the Katherine Region, Northern Territory. Mr Huddleston is a family man with three children and is married to a school teacher at Urapunga.

Willie first commenced work with YINGWATI in June 2016. Willie has been recognised as being a model employee and is a shining example and one of many Aboriginal employees who has benefited by the YINGWATI’s “Job Fit- Job Ready” Program.

Willie has worked on several projects with YINGWATI, whilst improving his competency skills and knowledge whilst undertaking formal studies in Civil Construction.  In less than three short years, whilst working on the NGUKURR New Sub division Project he completed his Certificate III in Civil Construction Plant Operations.

YINGWATI Directors and senior Management team would like to congratulate Willie on this significant accomplishment.

In the near future, Willie armed with the competency skills and qualifications he has gained whilst working with YINGWATI, would like to give back to his Urapunga community, by being involved in the set-up of a Tourist Caravan Park which will lead to potential tourism opportunities on his country.

As a testament of his consistent employment history and hard work with YINGWATI, Willie was recently able to purchase a family motor vehicle on his own financial merits.