‘Intergeneration Change to Empower Aboriginal Communities’

Breaking the Poverty & Dependence Cycle

Our ‘Job Fit and Job Ready Program’ is our point-of-difference. The program has been successfully vertically integrated into our Business and Operational Plan to meet a single vision of “Breaking the Poverty and Dependence Cycle” of Aboriginal people and their communities in which they live in.

Whilst this program has received limited financial support from the NT Government, YINGWATI will continue to invest a considerable portion of its Budget into this program on each Contract awarded, as a show of our commitment.

YINGWATI strongly believes our program can be applied to other industries, specifically in the Housing Sector. That is one reason why YINGWATI’s preference is to team up with a number of local competent builders who share our vision, values and beliefs.

Job Fit – Job Ready Program

Combining the right balance of being ‘Job Fit and Job Ready’ is the secret to our business success. It also enables us to fulfill the Northern Territory and Australian Governments legislative contractual requirements whilst  building a competent local Civil and Construction workforce.

‘Job Fit’

YINGWATI  Pty Ltd definition of being “Job Fit” is a worker who is physically, mentally and spiritually fit to meet our internal policies and procedures to enable us to comply to Northern Territory and Australian Governments legislative requirements whilst also building a competent workforce.

‘Job Ready’

YINGWATI Pty Ltd definition of being “Job Ready” is a worker who has undergone relevant training, has the capacity and capability to performed the duties required to do their job competently.